Business Philosophy

1、 Company vision

Down to earth, build a learning management team;

Aim high and build professional lighting brand.

2、 Company mission

Fengwo share, Dowd load

(1) It originates from the book of changes that "a gentleman keeps on striving for self-improvement while a gentleman carries things with great virtue in the earth". The moral of the poem is:

Heaven's way is vigorous and vigorous. A gentleman should consciously go up and never relax;

The earth is strong and harmonious. A gentleman should increase his virtue and contain all things.

(2) From Tao Te Ching, "Tao can be Dao, not Heng Dao". The moral of the poem is: "the laws of nature can be summed up into laws by people, but the laws summed up by people contain relativity, so they are not permanent and applicable laws in an all-round way."

Quoting the above two verses gives rise to the mission of the enterprise - "Fengwo shares and Daode carries things".

The moral is: in the complex and competitive business environment, the enterprise will follow the flexible and practical competition rules, carry and complete the development goals. Strive to get rich rewards and share with them. This is not only the enterprise's attitude towards business wealth, but also the enterprise's commitment to employees, shareholders and the society to "follow the road first, strive to create wealth and share it together"

3、 Company philosophy

Open, harmonious and innovative

Open: with an open mind and a constantly expanding vision, we will continue to provide new products in line with international standards

Harmony: adhering to the unified enterprise values, forming a team force and forming the core competitiveness of the enterprise

Innovation: comprehensively use knowledge, information and skills, always keep active thinking ability, and constantly try, reform and innovate.